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A visionary content creator, programme maker, broadcast consultant, producer, writer, broadcaster, re-mixer, DJ, radio presenter and voice-over artist, Michael is passionate about music, the media and broadcasting.


Mike creates compelling and engaging content across many brands and platforms, content that can be heard on a multitude of radio stations around the world every week.

As a radio presenter and music broadcaster, his ability to engage with  audiences on-air and on-line has proven hugely successful.


As an In-Demand DJ, Mike performs at a host of venues, events and festivals across the UK and abroad. Take a look at the dj gigs/events tab to view full details of Mike’s forthcoming engagements.


Michael also consults on many varied radio projects for the BBC and for Independent stations and is available to provide advice on coaching, mentoring, recruitment and training. For further information, please feel free to get in touch directly via the contact tab on this website.

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